Why we are building Shotgun

Crédit: Mariana Vásquez Matamoros

It’s all about context

1. The transport revolution

2. More listeners, more creators

3. The emergence of the “experience” generation

“Now, more than ever, [we] want to experience real life rather than digital life”

A paradigm shift

More party lovers. More parties.

Going out has become a way of life

Problem: the ecosystem is not ready

It’s a bloody battlefield

French big player Digitick’s home page — 2018

Old school stumbling giants

Ticketmaster US Homepage — 2018

Going out has exploded to become a way of life. There’s nobody out there to take care of that revolution. At Shotgun, we are determined to be the infrastructure this paradigm shift requires.

Now what? Short term priorities

Priority #1: building a platform

Priority #2: sharing knowledge

As a distributor, your main focus should be understanding users through data — mostly their tastes and behaviors, to eventually enable producers to create new concepts, push artistic ideas super deep and improvise. Your promise is that you will help them reach an initial audience so they can build their own fan base over time.

Priority #3: re-building trust

Shotgun, European startup

Co-founder & CEO @_Shotgun, Music & Party lover, Musician (sometimes), Food enthusiast. Building Shotgun is how I cure my dopamine addiction